Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Boys will be
A week or so ago Olivier asked me to sign him off sport. When I asked him why he said it was because it messes up his hair. He spends ages with the gel and hairdryer in the morning, normally he has the most beautiful tight curls. Now he’s started to shave from time to time, he’s borrowed my moisturizer because his skin has become really dry. Rob has a beard and Christian is in England so he hasn’t really got anyone to ask for advice in the shaving field.

Christian phoned yesterday evening to tell me all about his visit to Egypt. I was expecting to hear all about mummies, Pharaohs and pyramids. No, he didn’t ‘do’ that, he went to Sharm et-Sheikh, quad biking in the desert, hang gliding over the sea, or whatever you call it. When he left home he wasn’t at all sporty, but last week he had the time of his life!

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