Thursday, May 05, 2005

I went off to the Doctor’s yesterday with my latest results which confirm my pre-diabetic state. Having said that, I had a very positive consultation as I’ve started to eat more fruits and vegetables and I’ve lost a kilo. Although I’ve only lost one kilo, my stomach is a little flatter. I was wearing my favourite linen shirt buttoned up with space to spare. Last summer I had to wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt! The Doctor suggested I consider buying a glucose meter in the near future. I’ve spent this morning looking up advice about them, you can even get them free, the strips are very expensive. I have to go to the chemists tomorrow anyway and I shall see how the French system works.

Today is a holiday in France. Rob is working, Olivier is asleep and Dom is staying with Bonnie, so I have the computer all to myself. As it’s a holiday I don’t feel obliged to do housework today, I don’t feel guilty.

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