Thursday, May 26, 2005

I did have something to say
I think I’m going crazy here. Yesterday evening I remember hearing on the news that today is lost children day. Do you think I can find any information about it? We saw some home video of a ten year old playing in the surf, he disappeared shortly after he was filmed, fourteen years ago!

I thought that US visitors would like to know that when we see episodes of American series, and there are a lot, if they deal with lost children we see the lists and photos at the end. It might be a comfort to someone that their lost child’s picture is being broadcast in Europe too.

Another lost child is the man of around 40 years of age who is now free after wrongly being sent to prison when he was 15 (yes fifteen) for abusing a smaller child. He ‘confessed’ to the crime after interrogation by the police. He did not have legal aid, parents or social workers present. The police declared that the statement they produced in evidence was in his own words, which it obviously wasn’t. When asked if he was angry he said of course he was, but while he was in prison he realized that anger made life worse. I wish I’d written down his name and again, I can’t find anything about him. Whoever you are, I hope you live the rest of your life to the full!!

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