Friday, May 20, 2005

Financial exams
The lovely smell in the background is Rob mowing the lawn

Yesterday was a finance exam, the last for 4th year students in their final year. There were four mistakes in the paper. Things were pretty tense when the professor came round to explain. Non of it was his fault at all, of course, his computer overdid the copy and paste. He also gave them an extra quarter hour. This meant that I was later all round and, as I’d decided to do a small shop before going home, I was very hungry. Regular readers will know that I’m trying very hard to eat correctly to avoid full blown diabetes. Being really hungry meant that I couldn’t resist buying our supermarkets ‘special’ (white) bread for lunch. I was eating two hours late and the wrong things so I felt uncomfortable all afternoon. It just goes to show me what a difference eating habits can make.

This morning was a first year finance exam. No problems and a very pleasant group of students. Unless something crops up it’s the end of the exams for me until next autumn.

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