Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Writer’s cramp.
I spent a lot of yesterday trying to write a letter to accompany my CV. This was very hard as it has to be handwritten in French with no spelling mistakes. Spelling is no problem as I can type it out in word first and let the corrector do its work. Rob checks the grammar and that I am making sense. My other handicap is my handwriting which is really bad. I can’t do joined up because it would be completely unreadable. When I was around 7 years old in primary school we had to write on sheets of paper until our handwriting was good enough to have an exercise (copy) book. I was last in class, I got a book to write in because the teacher was fed up with finding scraps for me to write on. I would like to point out that by the age of 8 I had a reading age of thirteen, in fact I tested most of the rest of the class and I can draw quite well.

My eyes work together very well, so my specialist says, one eye sees distant things and the other close up. I wonder if this is why my handwriting is so bad. I certainly can’t hang a picture straight.

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