Sunday, April 10, 2005

Friday 8th April
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Mrs. Bee
I’ve been buzzing about a lot this week. That’s why I haven’t posted.
On Monday and Tuesday, I was at Sup de Co, yes it’s exam time again, mostly retakes. I was asked how many liters in a hectoliter, in a maths exam. I answered, ‘that’s why YOU are here.’ During an English exam someone asked me whether there was more than one correct answer. The instructions said ‘choose THE correct answer’, no wonder they were retaking exams. At lunch time I took my sandwiches and ate them on the cliff top. It’s been turned into a landscaped walk with lots of benches (and litter bins). The weather was sunny with a cool breeze but lots of people were out enjoying the fresh air.

Wednesday is always a busy day with lessons and fencing for Olivier. Dom and Bonnie were rearranging Dom’s room, so I was called on to help with furniture moving from time to time. In the middle of all that, my new vacuum cleaner arrived. It sucks up the dirt really well, has a very good filter and is so quiet. I was trying to work out how old my other one was, Olivier doesn’t remember any other, so I’d like to bet around 12 years old (it was falling to pieces and I couldn’t get bags for it any more).

Yesterday was catching up day and a two and a half hour lesson during the afternoon. I was tired after that. Olivier had been to Futuroscope with his class so we had to wait up to nearly midnight to collect him from school. We fell asleep in front of Independence Day to help pass the time! Olivier had a great time, but his bag had been stolen, there was nothing in it except leftover picnic, it was his Eastpac. Apparently there is a place where schools can leave their bags, it isn’t supervised. The teacher has been taking groups there for years with no problem up to this year. A couple of other bags went missing to.

This morning will be quiet. I shall be able to vacuum to my heart’s content. Olivier has the morning off so I have to get him and a friend to school for 1 o’clock, then I come back for a lesson and then go and collect 'the boy' who finishes early and is free until fencing at six.

Next week; the holidays!

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