Friday, April 29, 2005

Yesterday was the day I decided that I had the time to do my blood tests for diabetes. One test in the morning before breakfast having fasted for 12 hours. The second test an hour and a half after the start of lunch. The Doctor didn’t tell me that I would have to pee as well and he certainly didn’t mention that today I would be collecting pee for twenty four hours. On the instructions it says you must drink plenty of water. By four this afternoon I’d already filled the two and a half liter container they’ve given me. I hate it! I also had to tell them my weight in front of all the people waiting behind me, it’s not that bad, but still….. Actually all the people who work at the lab are really nice

While I was in town during the afternoon I walked up to the language school by the station and handed my CV over to the receptionist. Yes, they have a receptionist and it looked tidy and welcoming and all of the chairs were the same. There is also a bus stop right out side where three buses pass, very useful.

I received my examining hours for the first week in May, I’m working all day Monday and Tuesday which was a bit of a shock as I didn’t put my self down as free on Tuesday afternoons, as it happens I am free on that particular Tuesday. I had to phone in as I had one exam finishing at 3.30 and the next one starting at 3.05. It was 3.45.

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