Wednesday, April 20, 2005

This work business gets in the way of blogging
I’ve really missed my blogwalks for a few days and so much has been happening. Sorry I haven’t visited. My stats are down too as I haven’t been to see blog crowd or blog explosion. Hopefully next week will be quieter.

The exams have been going slowly but surely. The four hour ones are very long, especially the last fifteen minutes. Yesterday ALL the students were writing at the end of the exam, the paper was set by three professors so I had to collect up three piles of copies in alphabetical order and everyone was in a hurry to get out, chaos, but I managed to keep organized. Rob offered to treat us to a Macdrive on the way home, it’s the first one we’ve had for a couple of months, so I think we could get a away with it

Another four hour session tomorrow followed by a two and a half hour lesson, hopefully I’ll fit a quick sandwich in between. The main end of year exams start 9th May. Roll on the summer holidays!!

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