Sunday, May 22, 2016


Just over a week ago, my super intelligent phone died on me (not so smart after all). I was just sorting out my photos on the cloud thingy and everything went dark. I fiddled, did soft resets, tried to charge the battery up. Did you know that if the battery gets too low, it isn’t strong enough to charge up again? I’m pretty expert at getting the back off the phone now.

I’ve been using my old Samsung as an alarm in the morning and after meditation. It’s a rather harsh sound compared to the gentle music I’m used to nowadays.

Rob took the dead phone into work to show a colleague who knows about these things and he’s ordered a new battery. Now we have to wait for it to arrive. I really hope I haven’t lost everything. My photos are okay – I was looking at them on the cloud thingy; -which is where I came in.


Coline said...

I consider getting something which is just more than a phone every so often then read something like this!

Sadly the heat got to us on our return up the west of France so hurtled straight past when a cool day offered itself, you have no idea how guilty I felt. Seems age is catching up with us all....

Anji said...

Coline: Phone is working fine now. Of course the battery is the part with the shortest guarantee. When was that? Not this year, unless you were fortunate enough to be here on the only two hot days we've had so far this year!