Monday, May 09, 2016

8th May 2003

… Was the date of my very first blog post. Blogging has come a long way since that date 13 years ago. I didn’t understand anything at first and relied a lot on the help of my children.

 Archives had to be added to a blog manually and comments were added from a third party. A lot of early bloggers had broken hearts as comment’s sites disappeared or merged and comments were lost forever.

I learnt to make alterations to my blog by using HTML. I’ve still got my to HTML, but I haven’t needed to use it for a few years. Widgets were invented so lots of bits and pieces could be rapidly added at the click of a mouse. Even I could do that.

Blogging has slowed down quite a bit these days as people post to Facebook; even I’m guilty of that. I still love my blogs – all 6 of them!

Here is what my blog looked like in March 2004, thanks to the Wayback Machine.


stefani said...

Blogging sure has changed over the years. I remember how exciting it was way back then. Not that it still isn't exciting, but back then it was all so new. I remember I used to change the header and template on my blog for every season. Sometimes, monthly. Now I can go up to 5-years before I make a change. LOL!

That Wayback Machine link is really cool!

Stefani | Dreams of Nyssa

Anji said...

Stefani: Yes, I used to like changing things; because I could. I wonder how many abandoned blogs there are in cyberspace now that there are so many other ways to communicate.

I could spend a lot of time playing with the Wayback Machine.

Don said...

I kinda miss the old blog days when people actually used them daily. Now many blogs are dead or seldom (mine included most months...) touched anymore. I was never one to change the look often, but do a bit more so now, but still like my old look...

I do miss the days of and am VERY seriously thinking of paying the extortion fee to get the domain back and set it up again...


Anji said...

Don: I'm not very good at updating nowadays and I deleted a lot of posts on my writing blog when I published my books. Do you think that there would still be an audience for exposeyourblog?