Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Comings and goings

I have my “smart” phone back again. Everything is in perfect order and working well.I didn't think that I would miss it so much.

Olivier came home for a few days. He seems well and happy and will be starting work properly in the first few days of June. He will be doing the job that he has been doing for some time anyway. I think he’ll enjoy it more knowing that it really is his job and he will be paid properly for it.

Olivier left and it was Rob’s turn to have a few days off. We didn’t do much really – caught up on sleep mainly and went for walks. Yesterday was strange; I was all on my own, all day long for the first time in a while.

This morning I went to see the Rheumatologist about my knee. It was very swollen and painful at the end of March. Fortunately it is much better now, but I will have to have gel injected into it during the month of July . I’ve coped with the pain etc. much better this time, I think. I meditate everyday when I can which I find helpful. My Doctor also told me to try to keep the leg straight when sitting for long periods. That has been a gold nugget of advice for me, as I work using the computer almost all day. I only took 4 out of the painkillers my doctor gave; me two of which were for a headache and back ache. Would you believe I put my back out one morning when I was putting eye drops into my eyes?

Not much fun getting old sometimes.


Dirty Butter said...

I was thinking about you today - actually wondering how your knee was doing, as our son-in-law just had arthroscopic knee surgery. I'm so sorry to see that you are still being plagued by knee pain and problems. Do you still live in the house with the winding stair case?

Anji said...

DB: Nice to be in contact again! I've had four years clear of problems and pain and my specialist thinks we can probably have the same results this time. Still in the same house, being careful with trips up and down stairs but managing.

Don said...

I am going in for my 16th surgery on my left knee the first week of October.. This time to replace it for the second (and last) time...

So I know where you are coming from, although the injections did no good for me!!

Keeping it straight helps me too!!

Anji said...

Don: hope that the surgery goes well in October. last injection tomorrow morning. It was nice to catch up with my rheumatologist again. He has a daughter that lives in the UK so we have plenty to talk about.