Friday, October 03, 2014

A few days in England

The middle of September found us in England for a few days. We visited Christian and J and explored their new house which is lovely. Christian looks as if he’s heading for a career in interior design. He took us to an old school which is now a huge antiques shop where he finds old furniture which he turns into other things. He has the gift of seeing what could be, rather than what is. I wish I could do it.

We had lunch at a lovely place called “The Cake Hole”*, everything is fresh and local. I chose the cheese platter. We resisted finishing off with cake as we were going out for a meal in the evening.

Spot the deer

We walked off our lunch in the grounds of a local stately home. As always plenty of pictures of trees. I love trees. Trees don't grow as big as this where we live.

Christian and J took us to Ikea. Our first visit; a bit over whelming, but it was fascinating. Fortunately, we had to think of getting things home on the plane, so we didn’t buy anything.

We then went and stayed with Rob’s mother for a couple of days. She was happy to be driven around or taken out in her wheelchair. Christian joined us for a day too. We also saw my mum but didn’t really have time for much else.

 We popped in to the Colwall Coffee Lounge and had an English breakfast on the last day. I chose the vegetarian version.

I only put on 300g after all of the food we ate!

 *Christian took a lovely picture of Rob and I at The Cake Hole which I’ve used part of for my new profile picture.


jan said...

I think I found the deer. Middle of the picture, right?

Dru Marland said...

I had a pretty well full blown panic attack the first time I went in IKEA..... which reminds me, I must pop in there again for some more picture frames. Trees are looking particularly nice at the moment, aren't they?

Anji Knutsen said...

Jan: I don't remember, but I think that you are probably right.

Dru: So you managed to overcome the panic eventually? When we drove from Grantham to Malvern the trees were just turning - three days later we drove back and there had been a definate change of colour. Only the chestnut trees seem to have shed their leaves so far here.