Sunday, October 26, 2014

Falling back

The year is on its way out again. I hope that everyone has remembered to put their clocks back. This morning you had an extra hour in bed if you are an optimist.

Yesterday evening, on the news, we were treated to film of people sun bathing and swimming in the sea in the South of France. Then there was the report about the first skiers of the year in the mountains… Well, the journalists have to report fun things sometimes. No doubt tonight they will be talking about the rising unemployment figures. They always act surprised to discover that a lot of people don’t go on holiday at all; let alone have an October break.

It’s been sunny here today – after the fog lifted. When I took the recycling out to the garage this afternoon, the birds were in full song. Are they planning their migration or were these the ones that are brave enough to stay with us for the winter? This evening the sun will set here at 6 o’clock and a few seconds.

Next stop Christmas


Coline said...

Thankfully we have relations living near the Mediterranean so were able to enjoy your October sunshine just a week ago. What a shock this afternoon to be plunged into darkness at 5pm and have a chill wind ripping leaves off the trees!

There are still absurdly cheap flights available if you do not mind being treated poorly for a couple of hours, it is the only way we can afford a break away...

keith said...

I can't remember when I last had a holiday away thanks to the credit squeeze. I haven't seen the French relations for about 5 years.

We have to use the Internet and webcams now via Skype to keep up with the family news.

Anji Knutsen said...

Coline: I'm pleased that you managed to be there for the good weather. The time change really serves to remind us that 'cooler'days are on their way. Yes, we're hoping to take advantage of a cheap flight next spring. I don't mind the plane itself, it's the airports that really get to me - too many people!

Anji Knutsen said...

Keith: Yes, we had an 8 year gap. Then in 2013, we managed three visits!
Skype is very useful, isn't it?

Mari said...

I thought that time changing would help me get up early and arrive at work earlier. Thinking that it's still early on the clock but my body clock arose already. But it didn't. Instead, my body adjusted very fast so I ended up having the same routine. I'm such a lazy bone on cold days.