Friday, January 31, 2014

My new toy

Our beloved HP PSC 2350 died on Wednesday.  It was with us for over eight years and only started causing problems since the New year.  

I installed a brand new HP deskjet 1510 yesterday evening, all by myself, except I couldn’t work out where the downloads were disappearing to.  Rob showed me, I must look and see how many other lost downloads are lurking there since I had this computer in 2011.

The new machine scans really quickly which is just what I need for eBay.  I’ve also written to my Mum and Olivier to check how it prints and that is fine too.  I’m so glad I haven’t had to learn how to do things differently, it’s the same and in the places where it is different, it’s easier.

Image taken from the HP site


Caroline said...

I seem to have a personal curse on me where scanners and printers are concerned. To this day I have not printed out a decent photograph, not that I have tried more than a few times, and now after spending a fortune on inks the prints are worse than ever and next t useless.

I am verging on jealous that you have had a piece of modern technology which has lasted so long...

Angela Kay said...

I was surprised to see that the paper is no longer fed from the front on the 1510. I always thought that was a nice feature on HP printers.

I'm a great fan of HP, though I've yet to buy two that use the same ink cartridges. I guess that with your talents you can easily flog the old ones on eBay!

Anji Knutsen said...

Caroline: We've never tried to print photographs. I think the main printing has revolved around student children printing out documents and papers.

Angela: Thank you for visiting. Yes, it is strange to see the paper at the back. If I forget to open up the front exit before printing it reminds me. The old unused cartridges will go to our favourite charity shop. As it happens there is only one.