Monday, January 06, 2014

Get out the squeegees!

I knew what a squeegee was called in French but not in English.

When we took Olivier to his apartment for the first time there was a lot of form filling and an inventory to do with his landlord. Olivier has a brand new shower big enough for 3 people at least. The door is clear glass. Needless to say, the landlord wants to look after his assets, so he has provided a squeegee.

This inspired me to buy one for our shower and now every morning I have a quick squeege around before I get out of the shower. It takes less than a minute.

 I’m now prepared to use it to clean the windows when the weather permits. I had a look on YouTube to discover the best technique. It was interesting to see that the Anglo-Saxon videos on the subjects lasted a lot longer than the French ones. Actions speak louder than words; you don’t even need to understand French and it lasts just over 2 minutes!

A tip: For the best results, be gentle.


Ellena said...

I have been watching window cleaners. Bought professional squeegee that fits short and/or long handle. Good for bathroom and for drying outside of windows after I hose them down.
Have fun turning/swinging your wrist.
Shiny bathroom good way to start New Year.

Dru Marland said...

I've got one of them, from my stint as a cleaner. Google Translate tells me that it's a raclette. Odd, I thought that was a food thing!

Doris said...

We've been using a squeegee in our shower for nearly ten years and wouldn't be without a quick scrape down after a shower. Forget special chemicals - a squeegee does the job.

Anji Knutsen said...

Ellena: Thank you for visiting. I'm still going strong after two weeks!

Dru: That's exactly what I thought when the landlord said that he'd put one in the bathroom. As soon as I saw it I understood, but it's still a strange name.

Doris: What discipline! have you managed to train everyone to use it?