Sunday, January 19, 2014

It’s the little pleasures…

…that make life enjoyable.  We met these two on a walk, they were a part of the Christmas decorations in the next village.  Pity we couldn’t wait around to see them lit up.  Is that the Robot from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in the background?

This weekend has been all about communication.  I’ve had contact with all of my children.  Dom is still enjoying clement weather in Glasgow.  She’s created a program from scratch to deal with statistics and it works.  She’s never done anything like that before so she’s very proud of herself.  She’s enjoying exploring the shops, art galleries and whatever else Glasgow has to offer.
 (Caroline: have you got any of your work exhibited in Glasgow?)

I was very surprised to have a phone call from Olivier.  All is going well for him.  He did come home last weekend so I knew that he hadn’t starved to death. He didn’t bring any dirty washing with him – yes you did read that right. 

I phoned MIL and we spoke for almost an hour.  We don’t always have so much to say, but for some reason today we talked about lots of things


Caroline said...

I am so disappointed to say that Dom is not experiencing a typical Scottish winter, far too mild!

It is a good few years since any of my work was shown over there though it was in a seminal exhibition at the time. Glasgow has many galleries where you can loose yourself if the weather is not to your liking. Hope she gets to see something other than the city whilst she is over.

Doris said...

The tin man/robot in the background really makes this grouping.

It must be something in the stars with kids being communicative - that is always welcome.

Take care Anji :-)

Anji Knutsen said...

Caroline: She's been told that they don't get much snow anyway in Glasgow. My daughter is a workaholic so finding time for visiting galleries and museums is a good sign.

Doris:Recently they all seem to want to share, again this weekend we had another phone call from Olivier!