Sunday, February 03, 2013

Careful how you comment

There was I gleefully leaving a comment on Kath’s blog about how good the flu vaccination is…and I was struck down. We’ve all heard about the dangers of viruses over the internet, but the flu virus spreading online? Hopefully Kath is now recovered from her bout of flu and mine seems to be clearing up okay-ish (very tired if I try to do too much at once).

It seems that 75% of the children in our village (ages 3-11) were absent from school last week because of flu. Someone mentioned that this year’s vaccine here wasn’t quite the right one. Rob’s next.

I apologise in advance for typos and sentences that go nowhere.


Dru Marland said...

*waves while holding hanky to face*

MedicatedMoo said...

Oh Anji nooooooooo!

Maybe the virus was delivered to you via the internet?? Swiss radio has reported that it's the worst 'epidemic' they've had in years and years and half of the kids are not well enough for school.

And it takes bloody ages to finally get over. Sorry....

Doris said...

Oh dear, poor you. Rushes off so as not to breathe in too deeply!

Anji said...

Dru: I hope that it was sufficient protection for you.

Kath: I'm still coughing. I hope that you are fully recovered by now.

Doris: hope that you were quick enough not to catch it.