Friday, February 22, 2013

22 today!

Happy birthday to Olivier who celebrates his 22nd birthday today – the 22nd - and he was born on a Friday. It must be a lucky day!

Unfortunately, I know that he has 4 hours Friday afternoon and 4 hours Saturday mornings with the same lecturer every other week (VIP who travels to Bordeaux from one of the financial capitals of Europe). Fingers crossed that this is one of his free weekends.

Here's a picture of him when he was three


MedicatedMoo said...

What a cutie - and I'm sure he's just as adorable now that he's all grown up...?

Doris said...

Ah, wasn't he cute ;-) Happy birthday to Olivier and to you for managing the deed 22 years ago :-D

Anji said...

Kath: Adorable is not the word that I would choose, but I still love him to bits.

Doris: Thanks. I had a really good midwife so it was the easiest birth of the three!