Saturday, October 01, 2011

Call it a bit of a dog's dinner...

Yesterday Rob and I went out for lunch to celebrate my birthday which was earlier in the week.  I was going to take pictures of what I had to eat.  I forgot until after I'd eaten and took photos of the empty plates instead. For some reason I can’t get the pictures onto the computer this time. You’ll have to make do with a picture of a breakfast I had a week or so back after going to the lab for blood tests.

(I couldn't even get that one right first time)


Lucy Melford said...

Happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday. I sometimes think I should take a picture of my dinner, but forget about it until the meal is over.

Sunshine Girl said...

Happy belated birthday Angie!

I know the truth really, you didn't want to us to see the highly calorific meal you had!!! LOL

bing said...

belated happy birthday, anji! no worries, i know you enjoyed that's why you forgot to take pictures!

all the best to you!

Anji said...

Lucy: thank you

Connie: Thanks. You understand how I feel!

Sunshine girl: thanks. How did you guess?!

Bing: Thank you. yes, it was good enough to eat!