Sunday, October 30, 2011

And another busy week is finished

Monday was my visit to the Swedish Chef. Everything is fine in that department. Just a blood test for vitamin D (do I look pale) and a scan of my ovaries to do next.

On Tuesday Olivier phoned to say that he’d be arriving home for a few days in the evening. He came loaded with a huge basket of washing. He works at KFC for a few hours every week and I had the honour of washing his uniforms. The smell took me back 10 years…( Rob slipped outside some restaurants on his bike and broke his elbow. His coat came home in a bin bag soaked in cooking fat.) The only positive part was that the trousers dried really quickly with hardly a crease. The rest of the week I was frantically washing and drying despite the rain fog and drizzle which decided to accompany me.

In the mean time, Wednesday I had my last gel injection into my left knee. It did hurt this time, the Doctor said I have small knees and I suppose he touched the bone. It didn’t hurt afterwards so it was no big deal. Now I have to wait 6 weeks to see if the gel has worked, then I contact him about the right knee.

Olivier left yesterday morning, everything washed and a couple of things he’ll have to finish drying himself. The house seems so quiet and empty when he’s gone.

This morning Rob was working. We still managed to appreciate the extra hour in bed, the clocks have gone back an hour. Winter is coming


Unknown said...

Last week was certainly a busy week for you Anji. I hope the gel will work and you will have a good week. Take care.

Keith said...

Whadda ya mean? "Winter is coming"? It never left from last winter. We had a crap summer (again) this year!

Doris said...

A productive week methinks and good that the Swedish Chef visit was fine. In the last post comments the flash of light thingy is called IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) and is a form of laser. Extremely effective - I am trained in it - and works magically especially on broken blood vessels on the face. However, if the veins are bigger such as the legs then a different form of therapy involving an injection may be better. But I digress!

I had a washing triumph too this week! Lovely fluffy white towels have streaks of an oily substance from some lovely natural massage medium and I soaked them overnight in that washing booster stuff (ours was from the cheaper Aldi) and then washed on a hot wash and for the first time, hey presto :-)

I hope your knee goes from strength to strength and you have a great week ahead.

Hugs xxx

Don said...

Didn't realize that parts of Europe did the time change thing too... Learn something new every day...


Anonymous said...

I used to have relatives come visit and as soon as they walk in the door, the do their laundry. I would would wonder why they always came with dirty clothes.

Anji said...

Judy: Thank you for your good wishes and kind words as always.

Keith: You really should up your roots and come to live in France.

Doris: Thank you for the info - for both the veins and the washing product!

Don: I think we might have invented it in the UK during the second world war...

Connie: I have heard about how hospitable you all are in the US, but I think that your guests were pushing it too far

Sorry to everyone for the delay (one month) in answering your comments