Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A lucky escape

Rob and I had planned to got to an auction in Chinon on Monday. This involved travelling the day before and staying overnight n a hotel. Just like we did last year in September. As we’d be going by train we knew that once there, we would be relying on the once a day bus service to get to the auction house on the outskirts of town. When the catalogue came it soon became apparent that by the time they got to any of the bids we might be interested it we’d have left to catch the bus.

For the last two days we’ve had storms and rain, especially on our coast. We’re so glad we didn’t go, we’d have been stuck in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go in the cold wind and rain.


Micah said...

wow!!! lol good thing you didnt go!!! thst would have been terrible!

Caroline said...

But you would have had the consolation of drinking that interesting local red which is drunk cool.

By the time people start to want to use public transport more there will be none left.

Caroline xxx

Debbie K said...

Dear Anji
I am so pleased you kept safe.
You bring sunshine to the greyest of days with your kind thoughts & warm heart.
Take care
Debbie x
PS Thank you so much for the tigeeers.

cardiogirl said...

Hold on, I got hung up on the fact that there was a bus that ran just ONCE a day. What kind of public transit system offers a bus just once a day?

Anji said...

Hello Micah, yep we were lucky.

caroline; yes good for the wine. How true about the transport.

Debbie: I'm pleased you liked the tigers, they were lovely, pity the stories behind them aren't so good.

Cardiogirl: Yes, it's a town from the middle-ages. At least the bus wasn't drawn by oxen.