Friday, November 19, 2010

Dance of the young lovers

I had my first Christmas card this morning from my aunt. She included a newspaper cutting about my cousin Paul who is going to have his beard and hair cut off for charity in the new year. Here’s the story and a podcast.

This is one of the songs from his Blood, Fish and Bone album, Dance of the young lovers. His blog is here


Véro B said...

Very cool! Nice song. And that's one serious beard! He's going to look so different after it's gone.

Bill Y said...

Cousin Paul is very good and the beard is going for a very good cause. Go Cousin Paul.

Anji said...

Véronique: reminds me of ZZ top. The album version is better, he plays the double bass too.

Bill Y: I was amazed that the people were still suffering. He's found a good way of bringing it to everyone's attention.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely poignant song from a very talented cousin of yours, Anji.

JamieDedes said...

This is just lovely, Anji. Kudos to your cuz and thanks for posting it.