Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Dom, 22 years old today.

Here she is when she was three being an elf at the school end of year festivities.


Caroline said...

Shame they don't stay as cute as that for long.

Can we give congratulations to the mum?

Caroline xxx

Anonymous said...

Ah, happy birthday to a decidedly unimpressed elf. It's always good to see a child who isn't stagestruck.

Anonymous said...

Cute photo.

Véro B said...

Hope she had a lovely 22nd birthday!

Love the picture. :)

Bill said...

Happy Birthday! That necklace rocks!

fruey said...

Wish photos of that kind of quality (colours, composition) existed of me when I was three. I've got a couple of "studio" school photos, but even they have faded colours. Probably need to scan & Photoshop them a bit.

I'm a good bit older than 22 too :)

Anna said...

Oh so cute, I also have had glasses almost since birth :-D
No winter her, more like a looong autumn, rain rain and rain. better with snow then!

JamieDedes said...

Just darling!

Anji said...

Caroline: You certainly can. Every age has its advantages.

Graham; Never stage struck and never struck for words either, if I remember rightly.

Connie; Thanks

Véronique: I think that she did, she'll be home next weekend to tell us all about it.

Bill:That necklace went everywhere for a long time.

Fruey: Mine were black and white. Yes, the 60s and 70s colours weren't so good.

Anna: Yes Dom had glasses before she was two. She was good about wearing them and now doesn't need them unless she is working or tired.

Jamiededes: She was!