Friday, April 02, 2010

Things to do

If you have a half hour over the weekend with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs. Twiddle them while listening to David Sedaris. He is so funny – it’s really interesting to see how an American views Europe. The programme will be left up to listen to for a week.

You could also pay a visit to my new store which is just on the right with the pretty flowers. I’ve used them to create some gifts and things. I’ve also used our eBay Store picture too. I’m rather pleased with the results and I’ll be looking at my other favourite postcards to use to make things. Please let me know what you think.


Zed said...

I think that's a lovely postcard - really pretty and feminine. I'll look further later.

Anji said...

Thank you Zoe. It's actually 6 postcards joined together for a scan when I was selling a group. I was rather pleased with the result and it's now my desktop. I have a Japanese customer who buys up a lot of fantasy cards, so they went off to Japan.