Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Human rights

We call ourselves human beings, but we don’t always behave better than animals. Please watch until the end … you might learn something.


Keith said...

It happens here. Within a hundred yards of my home. I have a friend who I really believe that by some accident of birth is a female born within a mans body. I wouldn't say that she/he is just gay to be "fashionable" as most of the young people around here are, but she/he has been like this since I met her (I will say "she" from hereon) at school some 60 years ago! She was bullied, cut, rejected; even by the teachers. Even now, and in the intervening years since, she is the subject of abuse by ignorant people.

Sometimes her life is a living hell, so much so that now she is in her twilight years (like me!) she rarely ventures out. Many is the time I have called to see her and found her in tears because some yob has damaged her house or car. Call the police? Waste of a phone call.

Aren't people so cruel? To say that they behave like animals is an insult to the animal world!

NB. You certainly touch on subjects that I feel strongly about.

Anji said...

Keith: I think that you probably realise that some of my blogging friends are transexual. They know only too well how difficult it is to live an 'ordinary life'. Most people just don't understand. Hopefully others will bother to watch and learn something.

I agree, it does seem fashionable to be 'gay' with some young people.

I couldn't think how to put it; It's true, I have insulted the animal world.

Marken Hadda said...
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WOW, very powerful and emotional for me .
how can i use this on my blog and facebook?

Anji said...

Iwasntbloggedyesterday: Thank you for visiting. I know that you managed to work it out in the end. I can't help with facebook I'm afraid.