Saturday, April 03, 2010

How about a holiday?

The prison on the Ile de Ré has been up for sale and has been bought by Club Med. This is the famous prison where ‘Papillon’ and many other prisoners set off from to serve their sentences of hard labour overseas. The new owners are obliged to offer the present staff new jobs. The thought of an ex-prison warden as holiday camp host conjures up all sorts of pictures up in my imagination. I think that they might have to do something about decorating the rooms too.


Kimberley said...

Given that every time I'm on vacation my boss manages to find me and put me to work, I think vacationing at a former prison would be a step up. Interesting stuff!

Peter (Worldman): said...

I am sure it will attract many people. In the city of Lucerne, we have a prison that has been transformed into a hotel and it is very successful. However, the prison guards did not get jobs as hotel employees.

Anji said...

Kimberley: What a hard life you lead! Looking at peter's comment, it sound like a money spinner.

Peter: I wonder how many prison guards would want to take up hotel work.

lisalisa said...

What an interesting holiday destination that will be!
I guess it will be quite a different experiance for the present workers.

Anji said...

Lisalisa: It should be more agreeable for them