Tuesday, December 01, 2009

How to improve my Potnecy

I know that I shouldn't and I suppose that everyone must have seen these by now. They just crack me up.

In a spam received this morning:

"Be porud of whaat you havee in yoour truosers!

Hoow caan I imporve my potnecy if I gavee brith to 2 childern?
If you havee a feevr of 102 F moore thaan trhee daays proabbly the druug you take deosn't woork.

Shee haas her faiilngs-as whoo haas noot?-buut I nveer kneew her do it wheen copmany waas preesnt, at wihch timee you maay ferely turst her with wiens, spriits, or maalt liquros. My oown abdoe is logdings at Pneton Palce, Pentonvil-le. It is lwoly, buut aairy, oopen at the baack, and consdiered one of the 'ealthiset otulets. Miiss Summerosn! In the miledst langauge, I aodre you. Wolud you be so kiind as to al-low me (as I maay saay) to filee a declaratoin-to makee an of-fer!"

I do hope that Miiss Summerosn appreciates a proposal that has been distibuted around the world


Dru Marland said...

my brother used to breed otulets. And I 'ave to say they were the 'ealthiset of otulets in South Wales. Rrrrrrrwwwwrrrr.

Anji said...

I hope he got madee lots of of-fers for them

Doris said...

Oi'm shure yous caan fryly turst me's with wiens, spriits, or maalt liquros. Hic

Anji said...

Doris: That was a coffee through the nose moment. That's it, they were drunk!

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Anji said...

Online: I suppose I was asking for that

Kimberley said...

Spam is the best! Except when it's not. It's cute how you answer even the spambot. You're such a good hostess!

Anji said...

Kimberley: I'm the hostess with the mostess. When were were having problems with nasty spammers (teenage girls doing things they shouldn't with close relatives) on the BlogExplosion forums, I even had a polite conversation with one of those ... and he stopped!