Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh those Russians

Dom has gone off to Avignon this weekend with her boyfriend . They’ve been invited to a Russian wedding. When they met, they both met someone who can speak Russian – if you see what I mean. On the way to the station in the car last Sunday evening they were talking to each other in Russian. It’s a lovely language to listen to; like a cat purring. Reminded me of Illya Kuryakin ‘sigh’. Illya even has his own Wikipedia page!

Talking of Russia, Dom asked me the other day if I had heard anything of Spyke Martin. He helped her with her Russian homework once. ( Are you out there somewhere Spyke? – we miss you!). Spyke is a French Canadian, bear hugging, tomato paste loving, ex priest, last known to be living in Denmark. Has anyone any news of him?


cassie-b said...

Nothing about Spyke. but I hope that Dom and her boyfriend have a good time at the wedding.

Peter (Worldman): said...

Indeed, Russian is a lovely language to listen to. And I still hear to sound in my ears. From the time I was working in Russia. 10 years ago. And because a lot of Russians have settled in Montreux in the last few years.

Baron's Life said...

Why would two French people want to converse with one another in Russian...French is the language of love... I agree with you and Peter that Russian is a beautiful language...but I don't see the point...I am from French Canada and unfortunately, no I do not know Spyke...did you try to google it?
BTW, you live in one of my favorite places in the World...! guess the grass is always greener on the neighbor's lot.
I have enjoyed your blog very much.

alan said...

I fell under the spell of Russian poetry some years ago and tried to learn to read it, but self taught didn't work so well; I do recognize words, but still "think" in my own language. I could never come close to speaking it...

I hope they had a wonderful time!


Anji said...

Cas: I'm going to write a bit about the wedding in a new post.

Peter: We see more Russian tourists here in La Rochelle. They're the ones with the most money at the moment!

Barons Life: As we were both in the car with Dom and her boyfriend I think they switched to Russian so we coudn't understand. Even if they were moaning about us it sounded romantic! All I can find on Spyke was what he did online years ago, thanks for the tip. I've always wanted to see Canada in the Autumn (fall), perhaps we could swap. We have lots of visitors from Quebec as last year was a special year for La Rochelle/Quebec.

Alan: Self taught Russian! You constantly amaze me with your talents. When you start to dream in a second language you know you've arrived.