Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to feel safe

We went to pick Dom up from the station at 10 to midnight as she’d been to Paris over the holiday weekend. I went in on my own to wait for the train while Rob dozed in the car. I was all alone on the platform except for 6 or 7 CRS police. They’re the ones that deal with riots and crowds. I was very well behaved and very self-conscious standing there clutching the ham and tomato sandwich Dom had asked for. As it happens there were only about 10 people on the train, so I don’t think they had any problems

For the last 5 days we’ve hosted the annual Francofolies music festival. a lot of people flock to La Rochelle see their favourite bands, some of them are weird and wonderful (fans and bands), hence the heavy police presence. On Friday when Olivier and I returned from Poitiers we were greeted by a sniffer dog. There are also two English Police Ladies on duty here for a couple of weeks. I hope that they are enjoying strolling around in the sunshine


Dru Marland said...

I never used to feel particularly safe when there were police about, but that was the 80s. I remember driving up the motorway to Newcastle one night, and the only other people on the road were minibusloads of police, on their way to beat up miners during the strike. Slightly paranoid making, given what I was using to stay awake as I drove...

somewhere along the way I appear to have become respectable, and police people are (usually) polite to me. Wonder how that happened?

Anji said...

Dru: I did feel a little uneasy. We do get stories of people being beaten up by the police from time to time. Perhaps there is an advantage in being too old to bother with.