Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've wanted to show everyone this ad for years. It's in French. The French railway are careful to look after ideas. Those pink things are the ideas, aren't they sweet?


Keith said...


cassie-b said...

That little fellow is so cute. Didn't understand a word, but enjoyed watching the clip.

alan said...

Not only did I enjoy the clip, but would love to ride one of those beautiful trains sometime!

My grandfather, a locomotive engineer who handled both steam and diesel, would have thought those fantastic!


Anji said...

Keith: !! Don't you like new ideas?

cassie: He is cute, they are saying how they take ideas and help them grow.

Alan: I once did the English voice over for the CDrom for Xter train when it came out. The trains are made 'the other side of the tracks' near to La Rochelle! My friends husband travels europe teaching people how to build French trains. When Dom travels back and forth she likes that you don't even have to put your heavy case up in a rack. Everyso often there is space for the storage of baggage. The entrance to the wagons is designed so that wheelchair users have easy access and lots of room!

Peter (Worldman): said...

Modern trains are great. We have them in Switzerland, many of them. Made with Swiss technology. But now, French technology is starting to take foot in Switzerland. France's Alsthom built the fabulous new automatic metro of Lausanne.