Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blogs and flowers

This has been a normal week in blogging land, Some have good news, some have bad, some leave, some appear… Time marches on and now it is Spring.

I’ve been so busy; preparing postcards, approving blogs, gardening, feeding hungry men, hoovering up spiders - the usual. I’ve been taking my keep fit very seriously as I spend so much time on the computer. I have to go carefully because of my back but I’ve managed to put a 20 minute routine together. (As well as walking for around an hour or more everyday) I lift weights a little too. Normally 4kgs = 8.8lbs, but Olivier had added another two kilos so I thought that if I did half as many I could manage. It doesn’t work like that. I hurt my elbow. It’s settling down so I’ll be able to start again in a couple of days. I think that my clicky thumb might be coming back and the joints of my mouse clicking finger are stiff. The weather might be warm outside but our houses are designed to be cool in summer, therefore they are freezing cold in the early spring. Some days I feel quite decrepit.

Olivier has now put in his ‘wishes’ (yes they really call it wishes in French) for next year. He had his mock baccalaureate results and worked out he’s just about passed with 1 and a bit points to spare. If he put in some work he’d have really good results. Unfortunately anyone who has the bac. Is entitled to a university place here. They have them sitting on the steps in the amphitheatres on some courses. The exams at the end of the first year are really tough in order to weed out the rubbish.

This morning I’ve been approving the blogs submitted at the end of February. There are more of us doing the job now and it’s so much faster. If you haven’t heard anything from us it means that your blog has been put back into the queue for various reasons.

The new administrator has been working very hard trying to get everything up straight. He’s even tidied up the Homepage. The forums have been cleared of all that nasty spam and the spammers have been banned. There have been a lot of other problems to sort out. I know he works till the small hours and then goes off to his daytime job. He answers queries patiently and even emailed someone about problems with their mp3 player because they’d submitted a support ticket about it.( Please don’t start sending in support tickets for problems outside BlogExplosion!!)

Thank you Badmin we do appreciate all of the hard work you’ve been putting in.

Here's a weird and wonderful way to waste a few hours. If you can find your way to the garden you can create a flower too!


John said...

Anji, I know you are very busy but I hope that you can get around to my blog soon. It's

Thanks for your time.


Peter (Worldman): said...


I sent a message to Blogexplosion saying that I would be interested to help approve blogs. I got an email they opened a ticket. And then another one saying that the ticket was closed. But I did not see the answer. I must say, I am not used to wind my way in forums. But I really would like to help.

Anji said...

John:I wonder if your blog has been appoved yet. I went to see it and there shouldn't be a problem. When we approve blogs we only get to see ten blogs at a time so I can't look ahead and approve blogs in advance of the others. Have you surfed in BlogExplosion recently? Accounts that have never been 'used' are put into a different queue until they are. Some of them get forgotten by their owners and left there for years.

Peter : I’m sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner. You need to send a personal message (PM) to ‘badmin’ telling him what you would like to do to help. To send a PM, go to the forums page and in the top right hand corner you will see a link ‘private messages’. Click on that and it will take you to a place to send the message. Select send ‘new message’ from the menu on the left. I think the rest will be straight forwards.

Keith said...

No disrespect intended to you Anji, but I can't see the point of "Blogexplosion". I visited the homepage but couldn't really see what advantage it would be to join.

Quite honestly I rate it as just being another "9 day wonder" like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Plurking, etc., and will probably disappear soon. It doesn't seem to serve any useful purpose. Perhaps I'm getting to old and out of date with modern trends on the net.

If a blog is good (which mine isn't!) then it will attract a big audience on it's own merit and won't need help from publicity sites such as Blogexplosion. For example look at MBIAT, Petite Anglais, etc.

Debbie K said...

Hi Anji
I hope all your aches & pains have healed up & you have recovered from your keep fit excercises. You should be super fit with all the things you do runing around looking after every one. You are always the first to arrive & reach out to touch our hearts with your compassionate words. You are so kind to spread your little seeds of kindness that help us all to blossom. Bless you heart.
I hope Olivers wishes all come true, & you all have a good week.

John said...

Thank you Anji. Now that I am in the BlogExplosion rotation I have already seen an increase in readers. It's great to have someone like you around to help the blogging community.


Anji said...

Keith:I've been a member of BlogExplosion since September 2005. I think I must have been an early member because I have the user name Anji, which i don't usually get because someone is usually before me. It's a good way to find new blogs to read and I've made some good friends, Peter is one of them.
Because of all the recent problems BlogExplosion had, a few of us banded together to save it, so I feel like one of the family now. It is really nice to be in a position to give newly hatched bloggers advice and encouragement.

I've never felt like joining facebook and all that because I joined Friends Reunited and hated it. (lots of bad memories of school).

Not all of us can right as well as Zoe and you, you know.

Debbie: Thank you for your kind words. I think I'm often first because of the time difference! My aches and pains feel much better now!

John: Glad to be of service. I'm pleased you've noticed the difference already. We've got a brilliant administrator now so I hope you'll see some changes for the better, including speedier service!

Anji said...

Keith: I own up to my spelling error!!

maria said...

Hello Anji,

Thanks for doing some of the hard work at Blog Explosion.

I joined years ago.


Anji said...

Maria: Thank you. I really enjoy it and I get to meet some great bloggers. I hope that the impoved service is noticable from your side of the sceen!

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