Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to those passing by who celebrate. Happy Thanksgiving to those who don’t too. I’m sure we all have at least one little thing to be thankful for – have a think about it.

I’m busy preparing for a visit from MIL. She’s coming tomorrow for nearly a week. As Dom isn’t here she’ll be sleeping in her room, normally she sleeps in the living room, so this time she’ll have some privacy. I have to go and collect her from the airport tomorrow evening.

I’m the 50 something lady who always stops just too far away to get the ticket into the machine at the car park barrier. I’m sure you’ve seen me all over the world.


GMG said...

Don't worry; we'll wait till you get that parking ticket... ;))
Have a great weekend!

Anji said...

GMG: Thanks, I managed to get through okay but the person in front of me hadn't paid first and we all had to reverse back to let him out of the line.

cassie-b said...

At least you drive to the barrier. I always depend on Don to do the driving.

Enjoy your visit.

And happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Phyllis said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!!
We don't have pay parking here...but I have seen you at the drive through at the bank!! hahahaha

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