Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not easy being a man

Olivier really made me laugh out loud yesterday evening. He was trying on a pair of Rob’s shoes and needed the shoe-horn. Our shoe-horn was brought back from Norway when Rob visited his relatives there when he was a boy. It’s quite long and at the top is a moose’s head complete with antlers. Olivier was having quite a struggle when he announced,: “You have to watch your b***s when you use this thing”.

I’ve never had any problems with it….


Derrick Davidson said...


john.g. said...


Karen said...

I can hardly wait until my son starts complainig about his B***s being in the way. He's only 5, but his older sisters, 11&8 are already making me grey with the curves showing up. AND the attitude of the 11yo, woa I thought that was "other people"

Mary Lou said...


Anji said...

derrick: Thanks for your visit and comment!

John: I thought you'd find that amusing

Karen: they grow up all to quickly and we stay the same - how does that happen?

Mary Lou:lol back