Saturday, October 13, 2007

Every blogroll tells a story

I was going to write this post a few days ago, before the latest round of bad news. My blogroll is squashed down at the bottom now, but everyone is still there. Most of you are well and carrying on as normal, there have been some changes.

In August around the 2nd or 3rd Isaac Stolzfut disappeared. He could have gone for a walk, every thing was left as it he’d just popped out. His grandson Adam has been keeping us up to date, but Isaac hasn’t been seen since.

Patch seems to have disappeared too, though I suspect he’s getting on with the rest of his life like he should. I did try writing an email too him a while back but his email box was full.

Zoe is dealing with being a famous writer and celebrity and now the parents of up and coming bloggers will be using her as an example of what you can achieve if you post regularly to your blog.

Leslie needs all the encouragement she can get for the next chapter of her life


Lisa said...

Patch pops on AIM from time to time, maybe one of these times I'll be able to catch him....

cassie-b said...

I've been by to read Leslie's blog. And offered some encouragement. I just hope she's going to be OK.



Anji said...

Lisa: At least we know he's still alive!

Cas: I thought you would have been a regular reader of Leslie's. She has a beautiful blog.