Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Breaking news

Time for a general news report. For the second time in a year Rob and I have found a car in the stream which runs alongside the marsh. This one was right on its side. *I looked around a bit, no sign of breaks being jammed on, looks almost as if they did it on purpose. Perhaps a romantic couple who thought they’d park on the side of the road – and fell into the ditch?

*We’ve got Numb3rs back on French TV so I’m being extra observant at the moment.

The big news in our region is that one of the inmates of the revived Big Brother on French TV is a very pretty ex police woman from Bordeaux who doesn’t mind pole dancing and stripping on the side. The worse part is she quit the police to go into the gold fish bowl and has broken a 5 year contract. I'm not the only one to blog about it, one of the young men she arrested recently was first.


Leslie said...

I bet there's never been a blog entry before that contains submerged vehicles and stripping cops :)

john.g. said...

I wonder what she arrested him for?
Indecent exposure?

Worldman said...

Perhaps she arrested people for all: submerging vehicles, stripping and indecency. That is what many people like to hear about. Sometimes, me too.

Doris said...

Hi Anji!

I'm out of stealth mode and back to blogging and wanted to say hello. I've also re-branded from Grans on Bran to Doris Mash and will be handing out the invites for the virtual party soon enough!

Curious abut the car thing - maybe they are dumped? Our UK Big Brother is getting a bit tedious and it takes something for me to say that! The French PC sounds like the usual bit of controversy to draw in the viewers.

After the Russian lesson below I wonder what we could make of the word verification I have for this post: gouss

Anji said...

Leslie: Google should be sending eager searchers by now!

John G: I dread to think, I just had a 'funny' thought, now we know why the police always carry handcuffs around....

Worldman: Very true, it also seems to make poeple want to leave lots of comments!

Doris: I'm really pleased to see you in circulation again; i must update the blogroll. It was a stolen car. Perhaps they pushed it into the water? The great debate now is, because we are on the border of La Rochelle, do the police or the gendarmes deal with it?