Thursday, February 08, 2007

You wouldn't believe how small the world can be...
I managed to survive my course, but it was hard work and we had HOMEWORK to do. The idea is that people don’t set themselves up in business only to go bust. We were told that in the US it’s considered okay to fail three times in order to build a successful business. Other than that I think we’ve had just about all the weather you can get with the exception of heat wave and snow. The strike season has started again so I’ve got Olivier and his friend eating burgers and watching some kind of film or something in his room. I can’t have my music up loud because I mustn’t embarrass my son in front of his friends.

Talking of music, I won the bid on Neutron's CD mentioned on January 26th. This morning it arrived so I’ve been enjoying that all morning. He sings some pretty romantic stuff and has a lovely voice.

I also had an email from my cousin on the Isle of Wight, he’s a musician too. He was teaching somewhere and was approached by the daughter of a couple of my friends I’d nearly lost contact with. I used to baby sit for them but this daughter was born after I left for France. We’re back in contact now which is good news. Paul, my cousin, also gave me some more info on our family tree. He’s a great letter writer so is exactly the person to contact people and has found out more about very distant living cousins.

The ‘isn’t it a small world’ syndrome continued yesterday when I was giving a lesson to a pupil I’ve been teaching for nearly 6 months. A few years ago I used to have ‘conversation’ with a girl called Lise who lived near. She’d lived in the states and her mother didn’t want her to lose her English. The family moved after about three years and I’d often wondered how they all were. On a hunch, because we were talking about school and best friends, I asked my Wednesday lesson if she knew Lise. Did she know Lise? They were best friends and still in touch.

I wonder who’ll turn up next?


Neutron said...
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Neutron said...

3 failures, huh? Well, I should be getting close to cracking it then.
Ta for the write-up (how lucky were you to win that hotly contested auction!). I sent a mail to your ebay address with the combined CD/postage price...erm...I'll have to look back at that cos I can't remember what it was!
(Second attempt!)

Anji said...

Neutron: Yes I was lucky, they don't know what they are missing. Ideal music for sorting postcards into alphabetical order!

The envelope you sent cost €4.50. I kept it incase you needed to know. I also kept your autograph so that when you are world famous I can sell it on.....ebay!