Friday, February 16, 2007

The examiners get examined
This week was another week of exams. Things have changed. We don’t like change too much. I arrived on Monday at 9.20 and went to the office to say hello as usual and was asked to wait until 9.30. At 9.30 we all went in together to collect our exam papers but instead had a pep talk. The head of department is on maternity leave and there is a new head and she wants things done her way. We were all a bit stressed by this meeting as we need to prepare the rooms, check I.D.s etc. To make matters worst the first exam was accounting which meant accounting plans had to be checked too. It was the first ever exam for our group of students so they didn’t know what to do which meant that we started 10 minutes late. One Tuesday, we all waited till the exact time and went together to collect our exams. I was working on my own, which I prefer. The new boss popped her head round the door during the morning. I didn’t think anything of it, but some of the others have decided that they are being spied on. Needless to say they are the ones who aren’t always as rigorous as the should be. Today wasn’t so bad as I was with a colleague who thinks exactly like me and we work together really well.

It will be interesting to sere how many of the old gang will be left when the end of year exams come round.


keith said...

I'm not sure what it is you do to earn a crust, but I got the impression that you are a language teacher in a school, rather like Wendz who teaches English (and she's South African!)to business men etc., but even so, it's not nice to be watched.

Anji said...

Keith; I don't work in a school anymore, but I go two or three times a year to supervise exams at a school of commerce.