Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Yesterday wasn’t too agreeable.
Early in the morning I got a message from Dom telling me she was ill and wouldn’t be going to Lycée (She was staying at Bonnie’s for a few days). Rob was still suffering (a man with a cold!!). I arrived at work for my eight o’clock lesson and waited and waited. Tried to contact my student, but her phone was off. It was cold outside and I had nowhere else to go, so I waited an hour and then went to look at the sales. I contacted her when I arrived home, she’d phoned City Center late on Sunday night to say she was off sick for a week. Lionel phoned just before midday to let me know that she had phoned after midnight. He doesn’t get up in the night to check the answer phone, does he? Office work isn’t really started till nine-thirty, ten o’clock so I’d gone before anyone saw the message, also, the office is locked so I had no access to the phone.

Let’s hope the week improves as it goes along.

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