Thursday, January 06, 2005

Three years ago I used to give lunchtime lessons in the local catholic primary school. One of my six year old pupils used a Zimmer frame. His name was Pierre-Eric. I learnt a lot from him; how to say “Asta la vista baby!” properly, I think he was a Terminator fan. I had to take him to the toilet one day which meant helping quite a lot, its hard to pee when you can’t stand up on your own. At first I was a bit worried about doing action songs with the class, but he didn’t mind at all and sang enthusiastically . He was as bright as a button and always helpful, though he could be cheeky.

When they went off to play he watched the others run around quite happily and was never short of company, someone would always take time to stand and talk with him.
In France the schools have two weeks holiday in February, so that families can go skiing. We had a conversation in class about where everyone would be going. Even Pierre-Eric was going somewhere; the clinic, I think he was a frequent visitor there.

I wonder what he’s doing now?

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