Sunday, November 04, 2018

Travelling and a growing family

I never thought that I would take a pause from blogging for such a long time. Since we visited Prague we haven’t stopped. We were mainly visiting towns throughout the west of France and after that, a couple of trips to England.

 I really don't remember where this tree was

 What happens when you run around the park without your shoes

A seashell penguin

Bridge we travelled over in Brittany

The trip we made to the UK in April was really special as we met our month old twin granddaughters! Dom never does things by halves. They are non-identical, I‘m sad that we can’t see more of them, but we get to see lots of photos and sometimes a video. Dom and J-M, Lise and Sofia moved back to France at the end of August. Unfortunately it’s more complicated to visit them and the girls than it was when they lived in the UK.

Their parents don’t want pictures of them on the internet so I can’t share with you how beautiful they are.

 Like a lot of places we had a long, hot summer, excellent for hollyhocks.


Caroline said...

Anji, I feel guilty about not blogging too but then again I am not travelling about finding things to blog about!

When we both started the internet was a more innocent place, a much more chatty place, then the "social media" sites seemed to suck the energy from it. Congratulations on becoming a granny, I have only managed great aunt as my pic shows though she is now a two and a half year old tyrant to many but I keep her guessing and am prepared to stand up to her which she likes!

The sight of hollyhocks just makes me wish I could return to the Ile de Re and meet up for a chat in a cafe once again.

Anji said...

Thank you for commenting. I love the picture of you and your great niece. It would be nice to meet up again. We've moved just across the border to Vendée! That will be another blog post soon....

Don said...

Glad to see you posting again!! Thought you might have moved on!! Looks like you are having fun though!! Congrats on the Grandkids!!


Anji said...

Don: I've got really behind in all communication I'm afraid. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you're still reading!