Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Well, what have I been up to.? Both Olivier and then Dom and J-M came to visit. Dom and J-M are now living in the UK and Dom has started work. She also went off to a conference in Malta at the beginning of the month. She said that the weather was very hot over there.

Olivier popped home for a weekend as there is a holiday mid-August. He seems to be happy and this year his sessions at university will be 4 weeks long alternated with work for 4 weeks.

Christian, who I’m unsuccessfully trying to call Chris, helped me to install Windows 10. He used team viewer to take over my computer. I’m used to Window’s 10 now – it’s not much different to Windows 7. Mahjong and Spider Solitaire aren’t there anymore. All my scores over the last 4 years have been lost. There is Spider Solitaire, but it’s not the same. I’ve managed to find the original Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong that I used to play. I need a bigger version nowadays so that I can see the pattern on the tiles.

All of a sudden the weather has turned Septemberish. We still have lovely sunny days, but with very cold mornings. The washing doesn’t dry in a couple of hours outside anymore.

 Some blue sky for you, taken in the last week of August. Even the leaves aren’t as green now…


Coline said...

Washing doesn't dry quickly? I have not even put up the washing line outside this summer!

Computers and the internet, once so central to my life, have become an irritation. Security horrors every other day and upgrades which are a step backwards and loose the things we took for granted... Little wonder so many have melted away from the online world.

Quite Octoberish here after tempting us with two of the best days of the year, time to hibernate.

Anji Knutsen said...

Coline: Sorry that I missed you - I think my picture is upside-down too. Have you had snow yet?