Monday, January 05, 2015

Thoroughly Modern Millie

I finally had a Kindle for Christmas and I love it already. Just before Christmas the BBC TV series Little Dorrit was televised on French TV. I really enjoyed it, so Little Dorrit is the first book I’m reading on the Kindle. Rob can’t take out the bookmark and change the page I’m reading anymore as he doesn’t know how it works. I still have real books to read; almost at the end of “The Fall of giants”

Last week I got myself a clever phone and after a shaky start I’m gaining confidence with it. I haven’t taken any proper photos with it yet (just the floor by accident). I now have to put all of my appointments onto the calendar – there are quite a few already for the first 6 months of the year. I’ve also got ChatON so I can talk to Christian in England instantly – anyplace, anytime.

I’m now on Facebook, having sworn that I would never do such a thing. Rob asked me to do something for our postcard business and I sort of got hooked. I’ve found some long lost friends, which is really nice. I’m sure that I can synchronise this blog to Facebook too….

 “So beat the drums 'cause here comes thoroughly... 
Hot off the press! 
One step in the Jazz Age! 
Whoopee, baby! 
We're so thoroughly Modern...” 

With thanks to Elmer Bernstein, who I am sure would not have liked to hear me singing…


jan said...

I'm glad someone else is resisting "modern" but doing it anyway. I was dragged kicking and screaming onto Facebook but it has been fun although quite a time suck.

Donald Bell said...

Congrats on the Kindle! Which one did you get? Paperwhite? Real books will always have their place, and I love them still! But it is covenant having many books with you in a small footprint!

Which phone did you get? chatON? Haven't heard of that one???

I dislike Facebook VERY much, but am reluctantly on it.... Welcome to it though!!

Anji Knutsen said...

Jan: "Time suck" is what I was afraid of...

Don: I just have a basic kindle. As long as I can read it's fine. I wonder if ChatON is a UK thing, our son introduced it to us. I'm not sure how much I'll do on Facebook. it's interesting to see what everyone else is up to

Mari said...

"Techsavvy" is the new requirement of life:)

Congrats on your kindle. That is sure a good thing with th bookmark.

Facebook is fun but it can get you tired sometimes. It's definitely time-sucking. In the end it's all about self discipline.

Anji Knutsen said...

Mari: Yes, I think you'd have to go a long way from civilisation to avoid technology. Yep, time goes very quickly in Facebookland.