Friday, May 17, 2013


This week I went to the dentists for a checkup and one of my teeth has been aching again. The same one that hurt 7 months ago when I last went. As before; it’s not the tooth it’s the gum. I’m taking antibiotics at the moment and using mouth wash three times a day. The pharmacist advised me not to drink alcohol at all, as even a tiny amount of wine will feel like the whole bottle.

Why tooth-hurty? That was the time of my appointment. The next one in a couple of weeks will be at tooth-hurty too (oops, not 2.32 - two thirty)


Anonymous said...

Whenever my gums hurt, I use a water pic and wash out around the tooth. It washes out food that is trapped down low. Then it stops hurting. Try that and see if that helps.

Doris said...

Groan! :-D I can't believe as grown adults we still do the tooth hurty thing. Mr Doris had a tooth hurty too (which has also recently-ish been treated) and has resorted to the desensitising toothpaste which, so far, is doing the trick.

I hope yours feel better soon.

Anji said...

onnie: Thanks for the tip. I'm getting in between but I think over time it got worse.

Doris: I use that kind of toothpaste too. It does help and thank goodness it tastes nicer nowadays.