Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Recently, we’ve had snow, warm spring weather and now we’re back to cold with the threat of snow. Although we seem to be in winter still, we’re only a week away from spring. Where has the time gone?

On Monday in town I saw a hollyhock in flower.

Last week there was a small earthquake locally – it didn’t wake us up.

I watched “The Lake House” on Sunday evening. Lovers corresponding to each other from different time zones – just the kind of film I like!

Just finished “Last Night at Twisted River” in French. Dom is going to lend me it in English next time she and J-M come to visit. I’ll review it on Still Learning when I’ve finished the second reading.

Findus France have announced their recent troubles as a “problem with labelling”.


Kath Lockett said...

Ah yes, Findus France. I saw a photo of some running horses with the caption: Quick! They'll never Findus!"

Anji said...

Kath: lol, I like that one! - now with all the snow and ice in the North of France there are lots of jokes about frozen horse meat.

Margaret Andrews said...

We've been freakishly warm here. I wonder if that means the 100 degree days will be long and frequent later on. Blech!

Doris said...

"problem with labelling" ??? Eh like they meant to write this is just some cheap stuff we have procured that we believe to be beef but could equally be horse or anything else.

I remember the Lake House - I loved the plot.

We have snow here today. Fun!

Anji said...

Margaret: I've normally put away my winter clothes by now. I can imagine how you are so looking forward to those long hot days.

Doris: Yep, a statement like that does sort of downsize the problem...

In the film I was so relieved that she managed to change things to keep him alive. If we remember the teachings of Doc. Brown, we know that it is not so simple.

My MIL told me about the snow but they didn't have much where she lives.