Sunday, November 25, 2012

Early to rise

The alarm went off at four this morning. Rob had to go into work early to let the camera crew into the Chain tower as today was the la Rochelle Marathon. By eight this morning I’d already cleaned the oven door (no easy task), made the Christmas card list and cleaned the step in the shower. Since then I’ve been working and surfing. I’ve managed to prepare more postcards for online than I usually do. Perhaps I should set the alarm for 4 every morning. Perhaps not.

On Friday I had a chest x-ray. My lungs are fine but they did notice my spine is slightly arthritic (regular readers will know all about that problem) which I’ve already sorted.

After that I spent a few hours looking for something to wear for the wedding. Most shops are more interested in evening wear for Christmas and New Year at the moment, so it’s not easy. This is not going to be a formal wedding and I am not wearing a hat. I’ve managed to find one shop with clothes that I like and will go back again next Friday and try some things on.

I’ve also got to find out where to buy confetti from.


Doris said...

Four!!! No wonder you have the label: "I'm too old for this" LOL :-)

In the UK you can buy confetti from little newsagents or wedding/party shops.

Great about the lungs but a bugger about the "slightly arthritic". Plenty of good fish oils maybe to help?

Might I suggest, when you go back to try things on to take a few bits of underwear and any support items you might already have. Worth having them in your bag for all sorts of enventualities with different straps/necklines/whatever!

Anji said...

Doris: thank you for your advice. I had thought about the underwear and shoe height (flat).

I've been taking omega 3 capsules for several years. The visible results are strong fingernails again. Arthritus runs (as it were) in our family.

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