Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do you have to die because you are different?

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance These are the faces of women and men who tried to live their lives as they knew they should.

 The memorial page


Doris said...

Thanks Anji - I didn't realise it was today. I've linked to it to.

I was shocked to realise that memorial page was of just some of those murdered in the last year. It is heartbreaking.

Anji said...

Doris: I've been thinking about it for a while, but almost missed it. Did you notice how many were killed in Brazil?

I hope that I've brought the problem to the attention of people who didn't know what is going on.

Jo said...

I owe you some thanks for posting this Anji - just coming late to it now. It's always a sad day, and this year's numbers are horrendous. I was at the London Memorial Ceremony where I was honoured to be one of the group reading the names out of all who have died (that we know of - there are many more of course). 265 I think.

The situation in Brazil is becoming appalling. One of the organisers of the London event called it a 'war' of transwomen there. And she meant it literally...some rough calculations of the presence of trans people in the population versus the murder rate means that if you extrapolate up to the general population it would be the equivalent of about 20,000 people being killed in Brazil. This compares with very similar figures for civilian deaths in a year in the war in Bosnia.

Anji said...

Jo: Thank you for popping by. Brazil sounds to be a nasty country. I seem to remember hearing that street children were hunted and slaughtered like animals there too.

It's important not to forget that not everyone lives a 'comfortable' life.