Friday, August 31, 2012

Somewhere in my youth, or childhood...

…I must have done something good.

Yesterday I was grocery shopping when a woman came up to be and asked me if I had a coupon and I said no; cross with myself that I’d missed one. She gave me hers saying that she wouldn’t be spending enough to get the money back. So I got 10€ ($12.58 - £7.94) off my bill at the end!  I'm sure she will never read this but, thank you again anyway.

I also picked up a BBQ tray at half price as it was close to the sell by date. When I got home I broke it up and put it into the freezer, it will make 3 meals for Rob and I.


Unknown said...

Yesterday was clearly lucky Friday for you Anji! I hope you are doing fine. I have had a lot of internet problems. Take care and have a good weekend.

Voegtli said...

Well, sometimes nice little things like that happen. Actually, here in Monrovia, it happens quite a lot. We have a few good supermarkets. Most of them kept by Lebanese. With decent prices. For instance, I am drinking here milk. From France. At 2,10 dollars per liter. In Switzerland I pay 1,70 dollars per liter. So, that is not bad. And when by shopping bill is 99 dollars, they say "give me 90 dollars". They always round up. Downwards :-)

Anji said...

Judy: Yes, I was fortunate. Hope that your internet connection is behaving now.

Peter: They round downwards? that is good. When we had francs they used to round up or down to the nearest 5 centimes, it was very strange at first.

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