Monday, August 27, 2012

Buzzing off

The wasps were dealt with a week ago. I did feel sorry for the poor young man having to put on protective clothing in all of the heat, but I was pleased to be rid of the them.

 Dom and J-M are now in Edinburgh. They stayed overnight here and we took them to the airport. Dom’s first presentation is tomorrow, around lunch time, so fingers crossed. They are using some of the time outside the conference to explore the city. I hope that they take a few photos.

 I took off the word verification because someone had been having problems deciphering the words. Within minutes I started to get spam comments again. Do these people spend all of their time hanging around blogs testing to see if they can get a comment through?. Word verification has been re-enabled.

If you have difficulty with the verification, you can find a link so that you can email me on all of my Blogspot blogs in the side menu.


Véro B said...

Yay for no wasps!

I have comment moderation on with no Captcha. That way the potential spam goes into a folder, and I remember to clean it once in a while. The new Captchas are so difficult!

Spam comes from bots, not people. I'm sure the bots troll for opportunities all the time.

Caroline said...

Your wasp gut should work in Scotland, a spectacularly high 14 degrees today with pouring rain...

Dru Marland said...

wasps ride on bikes in Scotland, don't they? Strange place

Unknown said...

I have also been having problems with wasps. I was even stung by one. The word verification isn't easy to read at times. I have turned off mine but allowed for moderation of comments. The spam comments are really annoying. Take care.

Anji said...

Véronique: I still don't know what to do. I like to have an email when someone comments, with the spam I was getting too many.

Caroline: You don't know how good cool weather and rain sound from where I am sitting.

Dru: I'm lost!

Judy: I was stung as a child and a couple of years ago by a hornet. they aren't much fun, are they? It's good to see you back again