Thursday, May 17, 2012

Important advice for women

The other day I was googling “what to serve with pizza” when I came upon a quote from Miss Piggy about using chop sticks. It set me searching and I came upon a brilliant site. All any woman needs to know in order to be belle, chic and je ne sais pas quoi*.

There are her beauty recipes, beauty tips, etiquette, cooking advice, finding eligible men and of course pearls of wisdom. Believe me, you will thank me for showing you the true secrets of femininity.

When you have finished reading it will be time for a teensy workout:

She even got to dance with Rudolph Nureyev.

*Je ne sais pas quoi = I don’t know what, Miss piggy wouldn’t understand because she only speaks two words in French, one of which is “Moi”.


Lucy Melford said...

What a fun site! I've bookmearked it for further reading, and may of course - naturellement - model myself in future on Miss Piggy.

Nice to see she lives on, untarnished by time! do pigs (who have trotters) hold chopsticks? Isn't this stretching credulity?


Anji said...

Lucy: I'm,pleased that you enjoyed it. How do pigs hold chopsticks? they wear white gloves of course!