Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How did it go Anji?

..much better than I hoped.

 I had a bus journey and a 15 minute walk to get to the lab, so I drank my litre of water before I set off. I arrived about five minutes before my appointment. There was no queue and the receptionist was friendly and helpful. I went into the waiting room and was just getting my book out when my name was called!

The doctor was very nice and did the first part of the ultrasound scan quite quickly; he then showed me to a toilet - I was so relieved in more ways than one. Then I went in for the internal scan which was a little uncomfortable at first. I asked him questions so keep my mind occupied. He told me that I have a small uterus and was surprised that I had three children. They were all very small when they were born, perhaps it was because of lack of space.  I dressed and went to the waiting room to wait for the results. It had only taken 10 minutes.

I didn’t get too far with my book when my name was called to collect the results. The examination cost 56€70 (£46.80 or $74.09), most of which will be refunded by the social security and my health insurance cover. My gynecologist is just across the road, so I dropped them off there and walked back to the bus station. The bus was just about to leave when I got on it - excellent timing.

I think that the lab must have undergone a few changes since I was last there. Everyone was pleasant, there were no queues and I didn’t have to wait very long at all. Someone told me that most of the private clinics, labs, etc. around here are now owned by a Swedish company.

Pity I didn’t get very long to read my book


Véronique said...

Glad everything went so well!

Caroline said...

Glad all went well, this sort of thing can take over your life...

People worship their gods who failed to provide us with the upgrade given to certain desert antelope who do not have to squirt out liquid waste but just drop tiny dried pellets of concentrated waste whilst the water is recycled! For me this has to be proof of the non-existence of an almighty god... Could be a malevolent god with a wicked sense of humour!

Anji said...

Véronique: thank you. I hope that I don't have to reapeat the examination again for a long time.

Caroline: Perhaps we should live in a desert. I think there is something similar in the esquimo population.

How did the peppermint tea experiment go?